Brother Matt Glascock

Bro. Matt Glascock was born on November 18, 1993. At the age of 22, in July of 2016, Bro. Matt turned to Christ as his personal savior and propitiation for sin. Matt turned his life over completely to Christ in January of 2018 when he felt the Lord was calling him to serve in ministry. He has since taken on his first ministry as head of the discipleship program here at H.B.B.C.

"From the time I was born until I was saved I hadn't taken much interest in religion or having faith in anything except my ability to take care of myself. I was raised in a loving home by a single mother but despite that, I still turned to worldly vices for pleasure because it was all that was around me and it was the only way I knew how to find happiness... even though the happiness I found was temporary. When I was 21 I was let down by the world again and I had hit an emotional rock bottom. Not knowing how to cope with my emotions I started looking for answers. The Lord sent a faithful servant my way who witnessed to me and answered my questions without fail and before long gave me a book to read called A Case for Christ. I read through a majority of the book with an open mind understood a lot of it but it wasn't until I read about the resurrection of Christ and saw evidences of it that I believed with my heart that everything I had been reading was true. In July of 2016, after I had finished reading about Christ's resurrection, I dropped to my knees and without knowing what to pray for I asked Jesus to come into my life and save me from the mess I was making of my life. While I was still praying a felt a wave of peace wash over me and from that moment on I knew I was going to be okay. I didn't realize at the time exactly what happened to me but after a few months of asking more questions and gaining a better understanding of Christianity I knew that I had been saved. It took almost another 2 years but in January of 2018 when HBBC was started I felt that the Lord was calling me to serve him in a greater way. It was then that I surrendered myself fully to God and made
a commitment to be of service to Pastor Chris Ryman however I could be. Since then I have enrolled in bible college and I have been tasked with heading up the discipleship program at our church where we educate men on how to live more Christ-like lives with an end goal of producing workers for Christ."


- matt glascock

Bealeton, VA

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