Jeremiah & Ashley Halsey

Jeremiah and Ashley were married in August 2011, and grew up local to Fauquier County. They built their home together in 2012, and were led by God to grow their family through domestic infant adoption.

"I grew up in a Christian home, and in church from a few weeks old. My father and mother separated when I was fifteen years old. After their separation I began a journey down a very destructive path. For the next seven years I lived for the world, and pleased the devil. My older sister invited me to a production of  'Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames,' at Open Door Baptist Church in Culpeper Virginia, under the direction of Pastor Mark Jarvis. I took my girlfriend, because I wanted her to get saved. During the service the Lord convicted me of my sin, and I knew I was lost and on the way to a devil's hell. When the invitation was given I went forward and accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I surrendered my life to Jesus under the teaching of Pastor Chris Ryman, in 2014. The call to preach was confirmed to me over the years after salvation, and I began taking classes through Liberty University. The greatest evidence of my call is my lovely wife, God is using her in a wonderful way to confirm my call, and to glorify His name."

- jeremiah halsey

"On August 6, 2011 at twenty two years old, I married the love of my life. We both knew right away that we wanted children, and began trying immediately. It was so exciting to think about our future, and to think I would finally have the baby that I had always longed for.  Our plan was to have biological children first, and then adopt later. Little did I know three years would  pass  with zero pregnancies. I felt lost and deeply saddened, as time went on and we were childless. Jeremiah being the great husband he is, always remained faithful to God. (I was not saved then, and was resistant to anyone who witnessed to me.) With my barrenness God had my attention, I knew He was real, and I had no where else to turn. My boss hosted a bible study after hours and I decided to attend. At the bible study I felt a warmth and closeness that I had never felt before. We talked about God and His love. We learned about how much He loved us and how He died on the cross to pay for our sins. As I sat and listened I felt very convicted at all the sinful things  in my life. We were shown in the scripture how we could be saved by trusting on the finished work of Jesus Christ, by repenting of our sins and allowing the Holy Spirit to enter into our hearts. I felt it! I asked God to forgive me for every wrongdoing in my life, and asked Him to enter into my heart. I accepted Christ that evening on January 16, 2014. I immediately felt comfort that I had not ever felt in my life as well as a love like no other. I knew God would be the only way I would have a child. Slowly after being saved I fell away from the faith that I knew that night.  A few more years went by childless, and I felt I had been betrayed by God because He hadn’t yet given me what I wanted. We had been trying for five years, I had become impatient and angry with God, He convicted me of this, and I realized that if all He ever did was give me life, and then in my sin send His only begotten Son to pay for my wickedness, then that was more than I deserved. I turned back to God, not for what I could gain from Him, but for who He is. For the relationship I have with Him. My world began to change and I became faithful to my family and  the responsibilities God has given me. I began to experience an overflow of love for Christ and His people. It was very shortly after that God impressed on Jeremiah and I’s heart to consider adoption. An idea we once had as stated earlier in this story. Just not in the order of my plan, but His plan. We prayed and God spoke again to me saying 'thy will be done' I knew I needed to let go and let God. At that moment I surrendered my complete trust in the Lord, and felt complete peace about the journey he has for us. We are currently on the waiting list for the child that has been growing in our hearts, and I am so excited to see what His plans are for our future in our adoption, and in the ministry He has called us to."

- ashley halsey

Bealeton, VA

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